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Founding Senior SW Engineer

Toronto, Ontario · Computer/Software
Senior Software Engineer (Toronto) Department Engineering Location Toronto, Canada

Get in on the ground floor of our new R&D office! Over time, our office will grow into a pillar of the technology community in Toronto. We want to attract thought leaders, who are passionate about solving engineering problems, to form the foundation of our team. Being a founding engineer means that you’ll have a high degree of impact and autonomy on how the engineering team and culture grows in Toronto.

Who You Are

Are you passionate about design and development? Do you have experience building, deploying, and maintaining large-scale, distributed applications? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level and join a team of innovative self-starters in a supportive, entrepreneurial environment? As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be leveraging your experience working within a service-oriented architecture. You will be responsible for separating data and functionality as necessary, and will demonstrate an understanding and use of automated testing as a productivity multiplier. You will be working primarily in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, but prior knowledge is not a requirement.

Your Success Profile

What You Will Work On
● Collaborate with a cross functional team to find solutions to customer challenges
● Take ownership of designing and developing functionalities that are exposed via web
● Promote engineering excellence through technical leadership, knowledge-sharing and mentorship
● Add capabilities to our high-volume, fault-tolerant processing infrastructure
● Implement internal services
● Enhance our testing, monitoring and continuous deployment infrastructure
● Keep extremely sensitive data compartmentalized and secure
● Perform other related duties as assigned

How You Will Do Your Work

As a Senior Software Engineer, how results are achieved is paramount for your success and ultimately result in our success as an organization. In this role, your foundational knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes are anchored in the following competencies:
● Good judgement - the exercise of critical thinking, analyzing and assessing problems and implications, identifying patterns, making connections of underlying issues, understanding risks and developing mitigation strategies, and taking ownership of the outcome.
● Resourcefulness - taking a can-do approach, even in the face of obstacles and constraints by assessing what’s in front of you and effectively and efficiently optimizing what you have, whether it's working on something new or thinking about how to do something better.
● Teamwork and communication - putting our collective best together through documentation, collaboration, relationship-building, listening, empathy, recruiting, and evangelism.
● Influence and leadership - fostering a community of knowledge-sharing, collaboration, mentorship, and forward-thinking.
● Skills and knowledge - the capacity to actively learn and apply specific domain knowledge, know-how, and best practices to continually enhance and improve. In addition, we all focus on aligning their behaviors to our core values known as COGIS. It stands for:
● Camaraderie - Day to day you can be seen working together toward a higher purpose. You like to have fun. You’re an active listener, treat people respectfully, and have a strong desire to know and help others.
● Openness - Your default is to be open. You're willing to share information, understand other perspectives, and consider new possibilities. You’re curious, ask open questions, and are receptive to thoughts and feedback from others.
● Grit - You demonstrate grit by having the courage to commit and persevere. You’re committed, earnest, and dive in to get the job done well with a positive attitude.
● Integrity - Simply put, do what you say and say what you'll do. You’re honest and forthright, have a strong moral compass, and strive to match your words with your actions while leading by example.
● Simplicity - Be like Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

● 5+ years of professional hands-on experience
● Strong object-oriented design and coding skills
● Experience working with complicated systems at scale
● Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms
● Experience building new feature from scratch, using clean, organized, and scalable code
● Experience supporting other engineers and acting as a “tech lead”
● Experience working using Agile/Scrum methodology in a fast-paced environment
● Experience in a high-growth environment working with deadlines and milestones

Technologies Used
● Ruby on Rails, Javascript/React, Redux, Sidekiq, React Native, GraphQL, MySQL, AWS, Git, Apollo, Redis
● ElasticSearch, Docker, InfluxDB, Redshift, Jenkins, Nagios, CircleCI, DataDog

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