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2 x Backend Founding Engineer

San Francisco, California · Computer/Software

About Us

We are an analytics and attribution tool for B2B SaaS. It collects and helps analyze data from all parts of the SaaS customer journey - marketing, sales, and product engagement. Our goal is to make tracking and gaining insights from all this data easier and faster.

We have the only tool on the market that can accurately show GTM teams (marketing, sales, customer success etc.) how their efforts translate to revenue or any other insight they want to get from their customer data. We are replacing the complex stack of ETL-warehouse-visualization with a single tool. That. Just. Works.


We are looking for a generalist backend engineer who isn't afraid to take initiatives and get their hands dirty. You will mostly be:

  • Building or updating integrations with third-party data sources (like CRMs and ad networks) using their public API
  • Updating SQL queries for new features or optimizing current performance
  • Refactor parts of our backend code for accessibility and scalability
  • Occasionally handling tasks related to scaling the platform (infra architecture)

Our backend is built upon Node.js and Express so you need to be very comfortable with Javascript.

You should have some experience on what we are doing (data and analytics) but also make sure you understand that you will be writing code every day along with the founders themselves.

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