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SDK Engineer

Remote, Canada · Computer/Software

SDK Engineer


We are an open source feature flagging and A/B testing platform that helps companies make better data-driven product decisions. Our platform gives any company the power of a customized deployment and A/B testing solution like those used by AirBnB, Netflix, Uber, etc. without having to build it. Used in production by thousands of companies globally.


We are building an open source feature flagging and A/B testing platform. If you love the engineering challenges faced by large tech companies, but want the ownership and flexibility of a small startup, then we are for you.

We are a small team, distributed across the US, and backed by YCombinator and Khosla Ventures. We’re helping companies release code quickly and confidently while measuring the impact of what they launch.

As an open source company, we are focused on bottom-up adoption and building a product that engineers love to use. We have an amazing open source community on Slack that gives us constant feedback, feature requests, and ideas. Our platform is already used in production by hundreds of companies and we’re just getting started!


  1. Experience with public SDK/API (not just used internally by developers in the same company). Ideally open source contributor
  2. Fluent/expert in 3+ languages (lightly used novice does not count)- one needs to be JavaScript or TypeScript
  3. Strong delivery and managing - leadership/hire contractors - since no one is likely to be an expert in 13+ languages

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