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Staff Full-Stack Engineer

Toronto, ON

Our client's platform is used primarily by healthcare providers who work with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, and they have published, peer-reviewed, papers quantifying the improvements to health outcomes realized by patients using their product.

They are looking for a staff-level full-stack developer who can take a leadership role in developing internal systems, automation of manual processes (applying both machine learning and traditional techniques), and developing the next generation of our nutritional database.

More details:

  • Experience: 7+ years software development experience (Python, Postgres, React, TypeScript), experience working in a leadership (project, product, etc; human management not necessary) capacity.
  • Responsibilities: as you build trust with the team, you will take on leadership of various aspects of our internal systems, including:
    • Automation of manual processes: they distinguish themselves from other food-and-nutrition apps through, among other things, high-quality, and clinically trusted nutritional data. You will work with the dietetics team to support the automation of the food and nutrition database maintenance.
    • Next generation nutritional database: as you develop an understanding of the ins-and-outs of our dietetics infrastructure, you will work along side the CTO in developing the next generation of this database.
    • Developing other internal systems: they rely on a number of other internal systems - including an a React-based operational management system, and an Elastic-based food matching system - which you will likely work on.
    • Mentorship: you will help mentor and empower the more junior team members.
  • Team: working directly with the CTO (15 years startup experience, including 1 exit, and 2 stable + growing companies), and closely along side their co-founder and CEO, COO/CDO, and existing development team (one senior mobile, two strong juniors). More broadly you would also be working in some capacity with their third founder and CMO, dietetics, and customer support staff.
  • Stack: the primary technologies they rely on:
    • Python (with Flask and Dramatiq), React (with MUI), and TypeScript
    • Postgres, DBT, Redis, Elastic
    • Google Cloud, GKE, Helm, Pulumi
    • CloudFlare, Customer.io, Mixpanel
    • And their mobile app is React Native with Expo
  • Why they’re growing the team: they are in the process of expanding beyond “just” a nutritional assessment platform, and developing the ability to support people in their entire health journey - nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and so on. The North Star for this role is improving the health of users on the platform.
  • Your profile:
    • You’re an experienced full-stack developer who’s excited by the opportunities and challenges which come along with working in a startup: the wide scope of your role and responsibilities, the direct and immediate impact your work will have, and the constant challenge of identifying the highest-value work in a resource constrained environment.
    • You get invested in, and passionate about, the work you’re doing. You want your work to materially improve people’s lives (instead of, say, improving CTRs of banner ads)
    • You are kind, empathetic, and value transparent communication (or at least you’re doing your best): kindness, empathy, and transparency are deeply held core values of the founders and executive team, and are critical for everyone who joins.
  • Office/remote: they have a downtown Toronto office, and come in at least 2 days a week (some folks come in every day).
  • Comp: market comp (based on experience) + equity (options @ at standard early-stage startup rates)

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