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Program Manager - Data Migrations

Remote, Canada
Program Manager - Data Migrations

Our client is growing leader in Google Cloud consulting.  They have world class engineers, architects and developers who collaborate to find business success through better cloud solutions.
They hire top-tier talent. The team consists of ex-Googlers, YCombinator Alumni, and individuals that built software for 400M users.

They use the best cloud technology – GCP.  GCP is the most cutting-edge cloud provider, building on technologies that have been pioneered by Google: BigQuery, K8s/Anthos, Vertex AI, etc.

  • Develop detailed data migration project plans, including timelines, resource allocation, milestones, and deliverables, based on the scope and requirements of the migration project
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders, including business owners, IT teams, and data users, to ensure their requirements are considered throughout the data migration process
  • Analyze the source data in legacy systems and map it to the target data structure in the new environment, ensuring data compatibility and consistency
  • Collaborate with data engineers to profile source data and identify potential data quality issues, developing data cleansing and transformation strategies as needed
  • Develop comprehensive data validation plans and conduct rigorous testing to verify the accuracy and completeness of the migrated data
  • Identify potential risks and challenges related to data migration, and develop risk mitigation strategies to address issues proactively
  • Coordinate and manage resources involved in the data migration project, including internal teams and external vendors, to ensure seamless execution
  • Address any challenges or roadblocks that arise during the data migration process promptly, collaborating with the relevant teams to find effective solutions
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of data migration processes, methodologies, and outcomes for future reference and knowledge sharing
  • Provide post-migration support to users and stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition to the new data environment and resolving any post-migration issue

  • Proven experience (7+ years) as a Program Manager or Project Manager, with a focus on data migration projects
  • In-depth knowledge of data migration methodologies, tools, and best practices
  • Familiarity with data modelling, data warehousing, and ETL processes
  • Strong understanding of data security and privacy principles and compliance requirements
  • Excellent project management and leadership skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills, enabling seamless collaboration with diverse teams and stakeholders
  • Analytical mindset with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving capabilities
  • Project management certifications (e.g., PMP) and relevant data management certifications are advantageous

Type of qualities they look for (across all roles)
  • Passionate about delivering high-quality commercial software products and platforms to market
  • Team player. We are a small team and enjoy working with each other and our clients - we would like to keep it the same way as we grow.
  • Strong understanding of modern software engineering processes
  • Client-focused and passionate about delivering strong business values.
  • Able to communicate clearly and effectively with various audiences, including developers, clients, customers, partners, and executives.
  • Flexible and willing to use the right technology for each problem in the context of timelines and business goals
  • Ability to complete the job regardless of the circumstance.

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