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Full Stack SW Engineer

Remote, Canada or US · Computer/Software

Job Description

We expect you to:

  • Prioritize customers + revenue: Our engineers think like business owners first, which means we ignore non-critical technical improvements, cut project scope, and ship quickly (in a well-tested and scalable manner).
  • Be independently successful: Our engineers are solely accountable for the success of their projects. We own the planning, coordination, implementation, and post-release upkeep.
  • Write simple + easy-to-understand code: Our engineers don't reinvent the wheel or try to be "smart" with our code. We follow patterns that the rest of the team uses to maximize our team velocity.
  • Proactively drive communication + success: Our engineers don't wait for others to come to them. We are the drivers in communication with Product, Sales, Customer Success, and customers to achieve the results needed.
  • Master very contextually complicated industries/domains: Our engineers must quickly learn incredibly complicated domain knowledge around ERPs, Supply Chain, and the Cannabis industry to succeed. Just being a great engineer is not enough.
  • Cut scope and ship fast: Our engineers know where to (and not to) cut technical/product scope. This allows us to ship very fast without sacrificing code quality and customer experience.

You are:

  • A product-minded engineer who thinks about customer + revenue first.
  • A leader in cutting costs and driving revenue with everything you work on.
  • Capable of leading, managing, and executing your projects to succeed without management.
  • Highly edge case-oriented, given the complex customer workflows we deal with.
  • Excellent at proactively communicating with different departments and customers, and extracting clarity in fuzzy situations.
  • Easily adaptable to our technical patterns + standards that you may not be used to or even personally agree with.

Your experience:

  • Full stack engineering (we use Elixir, Postgres, GraphQL, TypeScript, React). It's okay if you don't know our stack, but you should be confident in picking it up quickly
  • Experience working on big contextually complex applications.
  • Experience owning and executing major features from start to finish, with speed & predictability.
  • Experience writing high-quality code with effective test coverage.
  • Experience proactively initiating progress and timeline updates with the rest of the team.
  • Bonus: Experience developing complex SaaS products (logistics, supply chain, accounting etc...)
  • Bonus: Experience in Cannabis
  • Bonus: Worked remotely, ideally on a distributed team

You should be aware:

  • We are a single repo monolith and that won't change for the foreseeable future. It is the right architecture for our team size and business needs.
  • Big technical overhauls are extremely rare. They typically have a lower impact on revenue compared to shipping features.
  • We rarely do pair programming. Our size requires each engineer to be independently successful.
  • We have a huge codebase and it will most likely overwhelm you at first. We are a very feature-rich & contextually complex ERP.
  • We have limited technical documentation and that won't change for the foreseeable future. You will need to proactively put in the work to learn the system.
  • We rarely experiment with new tech, unless the time commitment to revenue gained is extremely favorable (i.e. Github Copilot has an immediate return on productivity, with almost zero time commitment).

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