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Software Engineer - Robotics

Remote, Canada · Computer/Software

About the job

We are excited and strongly believe that putting robots in the streets of Canada would solve the last mile delivery problem. A category defining moment in the last mile delivery where we make it sustainable, ecological and affordable for our customers providing a safe and contactless delivery option.

We are looking for a software engineer which will impact us from day one. This person will help us write software that enables us to ingest orders from different point of sale systems, assign the orders to specific robots and help us track and visualize all the data created by our robots to keep them healthy. Furthermore, a UI which controls robots remotely(How cool is that!?).

Our team consists of a diverse group of people coming from all walks of life. People from Uber ATG, some have built billion dollars robotics companies. Others, are people who come from quirky backgrounds who loves robotics.

We're backed by amazing investors who believe in our team going after a huge market. We're about to hit an inflection point in our company. We're ready to grow again. Come pick a seat in our rocket ship and strap on. We're about to take off.

Why it matters

  • Last-mile is the highest polluting segment. Given the continuous rise of e-commerce, it is expected the total carbon emissions will increase 30% by 2030 because of the last-mile. Our robots not only have zero emissions but use as little electricity as a light bulb.
  • People spend on average 10 hours running errands, going grocery, etc each week. If delivery was reliable, instantaneous and cost cents it would free people from carrying these tasks. If there are 2.93 million people in Toronto, we would be giving back 29.3 million hours to people to spend with their families and what they care about.
  • Imagine a small bookstore delivering their books for cents to the entire city in half an hour or less. Transportation has always been the backbone of the economy and delivery robots will ease trade and foster unprecedented economic growth.
  • During this pandemic, we are helping keep small businesses in business while also keeping their customers safe.

What you'll build

  • Real time monitoring, we want to be able to instantly jump on a robot when something is not going well and control it.
  • Everything related to dispatching of orders. This is getting orders pushed from the restaurants, and assigned to the best available robot.
  • Build tools to make sure the fleet is working as expected and alert us when something goes wrong.
  • User interfaces to drive our robots from anywhere in the world!

Who you are

  • Enthusiastic about robots.
  • Love learning and experimenting with new things and applying them quickly.
  • Have a backbone. We want someone to stand by ideas backed with data.
  • Have 3+ years of engineering experience.
  • Have worked with CI/CD pipelines and version control.
  • Experience in deploying code to cloud platforms while following Infra-as-Code principles

Nice to haves

  • Knowing Golang/C/C++/Rust is a plus.
  • Interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed.
  • Front-end experience
  • Worked or experimented with functional languages
  • Deployed and managed Kubernetes clusters and workloads

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