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Java Developer x2

Toronto, Ontario · Computer/Software
Our client is a small company with rapidly expanding development needs. This  is a great opportunity for a developer to grow and learn new technologies fast, supported by our senior executive with decades of experience in software and services development.

Our team members need to be focused, self-motivated, and above all willing to tackle new technologies and new challenges. We believe in providing real solutions with tangible value to customers with strong, reliable code. Front end development is a current priority for us, but our development team needs to be flexible and capable of developing across all areas of the stack.


 Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, or equivalent

 3+ years of relevant experience in software engineering, web and / or mobile development experience

Front-End development qualifications:

 Javascript, ES6, ES8

 Vue.js

 Webpack


Back-End development qualifications:

 Java 11

 Spring Boot, Spring Data Rest, JPA/Hibernate

 Hibernate Spatial, JTS Topology Suite, PostGIS SQL dialect

 Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul (API Gateway)

 Google Cloud APIs

General qualifications for development:

 Database: Postgres + PostGIS

 Google Cloud (GKE, Cloud Storage, Cloud Pub/Sub)

 Kubernetes

 Docker

 Gitlab CI

 Prometheus monitoring and alerting

General qualifications – Nice to Have

 Experience with ArcGIS API 3.x, 4.x

 Security: Keycloak (OAuth2, OpenID Connect)

 Experience working with AWS SAM, AWS Lambda

 Experience writing Python scripts and pytest

Personal Qualifications

 Positive attitude and willingness to take on challenges including learning new technologies

 High standards for code quality, performance and scalability

 High standards for taking the best approach to building reusable, extensible code.

 Eagerness to learn and grow outside of existing skillsets and knowledge

 Desire to contribute to and be part of the team

 Comfort in an environment with rapidly evolving requirements and frequent changes

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