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Software Engineer - Golang

Toronto, Ontario · Computer/Software

What we're looking for:

    • A profound respect for user privacy and information security.
    • An interest in both tackling new features and improving existing ones.
    • Comfort carrying out projects with a high degree of autonomy and in close collaboration with colleagues on other teams across the company.
    • A critical eye for detail while understanding that perfect is the enemy of good.
    • A willingness to make “someone else’s problem” into “your problem”.
    • A strong understanding of how servers and clients interact, API design, and efficient database design.
    • Consideration for accessible and mobile-friendly web development using modern toolchains.

On the technical side:

    • Experience working in any modern server-side language, with bonus points for Go (which is what we use). Demonstrate abilities in other server-side languages and we trust that you will learn Go just fine.
    • Experience building web applications with JavaScript. Familiarity with Typescript and modern frameworks like React (both of which we use) are certainly nice, but not required. 

Even if you don’t tick all those boxes, we’d like to hear from you:

    • The most important part of this job is approaching new challenges with curiosity and the drive to fix root causes, not paper over symptoms. We provide mentorship opportunities to those who want it and support professional development on the job, with a budget to back it up. If you bring a desire to do the right thing for our customers, a sense of ownership over the product you work on, and a focus on shipping quality code, we want to hear from you.

What you can expect:

    • To design, build, deploy, and support new and existing features in key areas including our client web application, command-line tool, integrations, security reporting, billing system, developer tooling, and more.
    • To connect directly with customers through exploratory calls, email, and our Support Forum to learn how they use the features we build and where the experience could be better.
    • To write a lot of Go and/or Typescript with robust unit and integration tests.
    • To document the decisions you make when creating new features so the rest of your team members can follow along.
    • To keep security and privacy front of mind in all aspects of your work.
    • A collaborative group where the team succeeds as a whole. We understand that balance is important in life and deeply value our supportive and flexible work environment.

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