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Apple Developer - Browser extensions

Toronto, Ontario
The Browser Experience team is building the next generation of our product for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS to bring our industry-leading browser extension to all platforms.

As a member of the browser platform team, you’ll be instrumental in helping to expose APIs from Apple provided frameworks to the web extensions, linking those APIs into our web extensions, and having a ball connecting the XPC pipes.

This is a Remote opportunity within Canada, US and UK.

What we're looking for:

    • Strong skills with the Swift programming language
    • A deep understanding of the configuration options within Xcode and distributing apps on macOS, iOS, or iPadOS.
    • Familiarity with Apple’s XPC technologies and/or any previous experience with browser native messaging
    • A good understanding of how to incorporate web technologies into mobile and desktop apps
    • Experience with writing asynchronous APIs, embedding C libraries, or including Rust in an Apple project is extremely desirable 
    • Ability to offer feedback to team members and help in reviewing and improving each others’ code
    • An understanding of how to file Feedbacks when the Apple APIs don’t quite work as expected

What you can expect in your first month:

    • Meet and get to know your team and how it fits within the rest of the organization
    • Become familiar with the tools and processes we use
    • Acquire an advanced understanding of our product architecture and how it keeps user data safe and secure
    • Investigate and solve minor issues to learn the applications’ architecture
    • Become familiar with the codebase and future goals of the product
    • Participate in planning and feature development
    • Review other developers code, ensuring it’s understandable and aligns with our standards

What you can expect by month 3:

    • Influence feature planning and design
    • Work independently based on published design and planning specifications
    • Critique others’ work and offer constructive suggestions
    • Ask and answer questions about your feature from within and outside of the team
    • Diagnose bugs from user reports and crash logs

What you can expect by month 6:

    • Architect the codebase for your assigned features
    • Foresee issues with APIs before implementation as they pertain to your feature
    • Implement from design specifications and provide feedback where necessary
    • Answer technical questions about the Mac, iOS, and iPadOS applications from outside of the team
    • Assist others when they experience development difficulties

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