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Staff or Principal Engineer (Lease Platform)

Toronto, Ontario · Computer/Software
Help us scale our business to meet the needs of our growing customer base and develop new products on our platform. You'll be a critical part of our growing company, working on a cross-functional team to implement best practices and raising the bar in technology, architecture, and process. You’ll have the chance to work in an open and collaborative environment, receive and give hands-on mentorship and make a significant impact on our business’ next phase of growth.

What Makes This Job Awesome?

    • Identify, scope and lead large technical projects with high impact across many teams and key stakeholders
    • Play a critical role in planning, working closely with senior leaders to develop plans, resource requirements, and influence our long-term technical and business strategy
    • Lead the way by staying up to date with tools, trends, technologies and best practices, and then sharing that knowledge in a meaningful way to advance the overall state of technology for the entire organization
    • Lead by example and produce high-quality code that establishes coding standards and best practices for the team
    • Create technical requirements, software design specifications and other forms of architectural documentation
    • Support and mentor our senior engineers by being the go-to-person for questions but never be a bottleneck, see around the corner and anticipate engineers' needs, broadly distribute knowledge,  and generally evangelize the platform
    • Scrutinize and reason clearly about the technology and architecture choices we make in building products/services. Ensure technical decision making aligns with our broad strategic initiatives
    • Effectively communicate technical and business risks to stakeholders to ensure that the most informed decisions are being made

What Makes You a Great Fit?

    • Solid CS fundamentals with experience across a range of disciplines, with more than one area of deep knowledge and experience
    • 8+ years of software engineering experience, with a proven track record of leading large-scale, high availability and fault-tolerant SaaS or consumer applications
    • Served as the technical lead for large complex projects that span multiple teams and functions
    • Responsible for the technical roadmap for large business areas
    • Ability to internalize the best ideas from all over the organization, while also setting a vision that others are excited to get behind
    • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have a good intuition for what will last and scale
    • Strong expertise in large scale distributed system designs
    • Demonstrated experience in upleveling engineering best practices and creating technical efficiencies across teams
    • Capable of driving and delivering thin slices of end-to-end functionality on a regular cadence with data-driven feedback loops
    • Strong problem-solving skills; adaptable, proactive and willing to take ownership and deal with ambiguity
    • The ability to work in a highly collaborative environment
    • Strong customer empathy and a focus on quality
    • Experience working with multi-product portfolio
    • Ability to create consensus among passionate stakeholders in a dynamic, fast-paced environment through excellent verbal and written communication skills

About our team

    • We have a 90+ person engineering team
    • We work in small, cross-functional teams that include product managers, designers, and QA
    • We value continuous learning in our everyday work
    • We rely heavily on automated testing and CI (CircleCI)
    • We use agile development and lean startup principles and practices to deliver products
    • Our stack: Ruby on Rails, Python, React, Heroku, Postgres, AWS, Swift, and Kotlin

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