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Sr/Lead SW Engineer - Java

Remote, Canada
We are an innovative startup building an interactive content platform that drives action and measurable impact. 

We will:

● Curate engaging video content to educate and inspire users about social and environmental issues.
● Build campaigns around this media to encourage and empower users to take action about the things they care about.
● Measure actions and data to motivate and inspire users to make a positive impact on the world.
We empower people and organizations to generate measurable positive impact on the issues they care about.
● Individuals to share with their peers and potential employers
● Corporations to measure and communicate impact
● NGOs to support their grant applications and donor campaigns

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join the engineering team in Toronto.

In addition to building complete “full stack” features for the  platform using JavaScript, HTML, GraphQL, Java, databases and cloud infrastructure, you’ll be an integral
part of our engineering team.  Your development expertise and technical leadership will enable us to rapidly build a platform that allows us to deliver on our mission.

You’ll be working on:
● Building GraphQL based APIs and other services using Java & Spring and other JVM technologies
● Building highly functional web application UIs that are responsive, performant and extensible, according to our standards
● Collaborating with colleagues across Engineering, UX and Product to help design and develop complete features
● Contribute to establishing our architectural standards for both backend services and frontend application development
● Developing our library of reusable frontend components to improve UI development productivity
● Keeping current with the latest technologies and standards to ensure we are always using the best tools and techniques possible
● Being a thoughtful contributor to our codebases to promote product quality and developer productivity
● Being an advocate throughout the company for great software engineering practices

You’ll need to have experience with:
● Professional software development for 4+ years
● Development of APIs and services on a Java stack, using modern frameworks, libraries and tools
● Development using Angular, React, Vue.js or other modern SPA frameworks, utilizing APIs
● Developing frontend web applications that perform well on all devices using modern
languages and frameworks
● Designing maintainable, testable and scalable components on both the backend and frontend
● Relational database design and development, including data access, SQL and caching
● Strong focus on writing simple, clean and testable code
● Proven ability to write robust unit, integration, functional and performance test suites
● Well-versed in debugging, memory management and performance tuning/scalability techniques
● Collaboration with designers and developers to suggest and critique ideas and prototype initial concepts

It would be great if you had experience:
● Completing a Comp Sci or comparable degree or diploma
● Implementing GraphQL APIs using Java or another language/stack
● Building frontend UIs with GraphQL
● Integrating with and developing on cloud infrastructure at AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc.
● Using NoSQL and other non-relational database technologies
● Applying CI/CD practices and tools, including “Infrastructure as Code"
● With design practices such as design for failure, eventual consistency, asynchronous distributed workloads and principle of least privilege security
● Additional specialized skills such as mobile application development, data science/analytics, machine learning, microservices design
● Demonstrating a deep understanding of particular software technologies or development practices that are of keen interest to you

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