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Tech Lead - Full Stack Development

Burlington, ON · Computer/Software
Tech Lead - Full Stack Development

Reporting directly to the Group Engineering Director a Tech Lead is an integral part of the engineering team. Providing both technical leadership and team leadership, you will have a hand in shaping the high-level technical strategy behind critical projects as well as mentoring a group of  engineers with your experience as a developer and people leader. This role is a mix of technical architect and people management.

  • Provide technical leadership at a project level. This is a hands-on role and while you may not be spending all day writing code on the critical path you will still need to roll up your sleeves and be involved in ensuring the technical success of multiple projects along with the rest of the engineering team (i.e.: code reviewing PRs).
  • Be among the first technical people involved in any project at a strategic level. Help our clients understand how technology can address their challenges while working closely with your creative, strategic, and delivery colleagues. You will be involved in designing technology plans including making choices about architecture, platforms, tools and methodologies that will shape the entire end-to-end lifecycle of development.
  • Coach engineers to grow their impact through recognition of their strengths, agreement on development goals, suggestions of skill development resources, and holding them accountable, including development of leadership characteristics—both technical and people-driven— among your reports
  • Shape your team through hiring, giving direct and caring feedback, coaching on performance, both technical and interpersonal, and firing when it’s best for the team and the individual
  • Take accountability for your team’s output (at the sprint and quarterly goal levels, the team’s professional reputation, your team’s opinions about product & organizational strategy, and your team’s relationships inside and outside the team—both from yourself and from each individual
  • Delegate some of your work to your direct reports as a strategic tool to help you scale your team, including setting clear expectations about goals, checkpoints and the degree of your own involvement while delegating
  • Unblock your team to deliver excellent work within the constraints of the business, including appropriately intervening for your team on incoming requests, proactively planning and mitigating issues with cross-functional teams, and actively planning with your management and peer support structure

Required Skills
  • HTML 5, CSS 5, Core JS
  • Strong, demonstrated experience developing solutions using React and Node
  • Experience managing a team of 2-4 people
  • Express server expertise 
  • GraphQL based state management or Redux (Flux architecture) experience  
  • Expert in the use of Git and deployment pipelines
  • Experience building robust, scaling applications
  • Experience architecting and documenting RESTful APIs
  • Interest or experience with AWS/Azure/Google Cloud or other Cloud Platforms
  • Database configuration, management and deployment 
  • Architecting serverless solutions
  • Experience with headless CMS platforms (Contentful, Contentstack)
  • DevOps automation flows
  • Experience with lean/agile methodologies

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