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Devops Engineer

Remote, Canada · Computer/Software
Devops Engineer

5+ years of experience supporting infrastructure of public-facing mobile or web applications
3+ years of cloud experience using AWS, GCP or Azure
3+ Kubernetes and docker environment

Sell for the Role:
  • Unicorn - complete rewrite of the core app + the SDK
  • Building the platform for all 3rd party game developers to easily add social layer and conferencing capabilities to their games
  • The CORE app was wanted to build something to test the water
  • Now Bunch knows the social gaming industry is booming and they want to rebuild the platform for stability and scalability.
30: Understand company culture, ethos, and business through manager support, review of documents, 1:1s, office hours etc. Successfully helped the backend to deploy a new internal service and a BFF service (BFF pattern is an architectural software pattern that improves how data is fetched) Understand the entire infrastructure setup, team processes.
60: Major contributor to day-to-day SRE tasks support backend developers. Be able to troubleshoot infrastructure problems. Gain knowledge and ability to tackle narrow features/POCs. Shadow production on calls.
90: Be able to own a large portion of the infrastructure development. Addresses scalability, performance, and observability issues proactively. Suggesting and implementing cost-effective infrastructure changes.

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