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Devops Engineer

Remote, Toronto · Computer/Software

As a tech startup, 2021 was a huge year for growth for our client and they are continuing to rapidly scale in 2022. They are looking to add to their growing DevOps team and find their next DevOps Specialist who will help with the acceleration, and out-of-the-box thinking they are looking for. You’ll be able to flex your skills in security and infrastructure, and you’ll help them reach new heights by harmoniously bridging IT and software. 

You will be joining a team striving to continually improve their knowledge of system architecture, infrastructure, design patterns, and testing. They are an incredibly supportive team giving peer feedback and constructive pull request reviews. They are passionate about clean, well-organized code and how systems and users interact with their implementations.

Joining the Software Engineering team, you will be part of a team that leverages leading, cutting-edge frameworks to ensure fast, consistent, secure, and scalable solutions. Their front-end application uses Google's Angular framework for a prescriptive approach to web application development. Their payroll and payments service is a Ruby on Rails application, allowing them to abstract and simplify everyday tasks and maintain a flexible environment for future growth. Their HR API is a PHP Laravel application offering them strong community support, learning materials, and in-depth documentation.


  • Hosted on AWS, enabling us to utilize all AWS offerings and quickly deploy new solutions.
  • Leverage EC2, CodeDeploy, RDS, S3, ElasticCache, and much more.
  • Github Actions for all things CI/CD
  • GitHub for version control
  • Sentry/New Relic for error logging and data visualization
  • Cypress for E2E testing.

Why join?

  • As a team that services the HR world, they are a team that understands you perform best in an environment that cares about their employees
  • Be part of a high performing team of critical thinkers that thrive on problem-solving 
  • Access leadership and growth opportunities as the company rapidly scales
  • Maintain work-life engagement with flex hours and their Long(er) weekends initiative
  • Opportunity to work fully remote anywhere across Canada if you choose to

What will you be doing as a DevOps Specialist?

As a DevOps Specialist, you'll help them build out their core product by developing highly available, internal infrastructure and tools. In their growing engineering organization, you'll support their core platform by increasing product stability and decreasing lead times. You'll work collaboratively with engineers and stakeholders to drive the implementation and release of new infrastructure, and be a champion of best practices for CI/CD, testing, security, and software reliability.

In your first 3 months, you will:   

  • Be briefed on their current approaches and practices to infrastructure, provisioning, CI/CD, testing, deployment, scaling, load balancing, and monitoring.

In your first 6 months, you will:

  • As part of the DevOps team, innovative changes to their infrastructure and processes to make processes more stable, scalable, and efficient.
  • Work with businesses to understand the required system load and adjust to support future growth
  • Understand the future needs of the product teams and define projects to keep the infrastructure ahead of the product needs.

In your first year, you will:

  • Look at implementing best practices (and industry-proven) approaches to information security and privacy via SOC2.
  • Collaborate with our DevOps team to modernize and improve the state of their platform infrastructure
  • Collaborate in initiatives to prepare for scale

Candidates are a good fit if they:

  • are focused on business continuity: how to keep things up and available as we investigate a problem and as they evolve their infrastructure
  • are careful to follow a safe, consistent approach to change management
  • have a good troubleshooting approach
  • proactively seek to find ways to improve the process and the tooling
  • are comfortable learning new technologies and new work approaches
  • find the balance between "disagree and commit" and speaking up when they see risk
  • are strategic with their technology choices, and can explain their reasoning and tradeoffs
  • communicate effectively with diverse teams and diverse levels in the organization, sharing the right level of detail to the situation
  • can work individually and can also collaborate with teammates on a deliverable
  • are comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds and styles
  • pay attention to emotional intelligence and to grow their listening skills

What are we looking for in a DevOps Specialist

  • 2 years of full-stack software development experience working with modern frameworks and languages
  • 2+ years of DevOps experience in a production environment
  • Experience with AWS services or similar IaaS infrastructure platforms (Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud) and AWS certification is an asset
  • Comprehensive knowledge in security and compliance best practices (key management, access control, penetration testing, etc)
  • Experience with deployment automation and management in CI/CD
  • Thirst for continuous learning and the ability to grasp, acquire and become proficient in new technologies in the DevOps space
  • Strong understanding of cloud-scale and monolithic architecture with experience in operating high performance and scalable SaaS-based applications
  • Ability to collaborate within a small team on objective-driven projects in a fast pace, high growth environment
  • Passion and enthusiasm for well-tested, well-organized code
  • Post-secondary degree in Computer Science

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