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Senior Angular SW Engineer

Remote, US

Our software engineers are problem solvers. While most have deep expertise in specific areas of the technology stack (front end, back end, data, security etc.), all are comfortable swimming across lanes. This is really important in delivering the product and platform outcomes that our customers expect.

Our engineers are most interested in solving business problems with cutting edge cloud technologies and distributed systems. Let’s face it, most of this stuff is pretty new so “10 years of experience” isn’t really a credible calling card. We’re looking for fearless engineers who love ramping up quickly by getting their hands dirty with sophisticated, cutting edge technology. We want all of our staff to spend as much time directly working with clients as possible so being able to explain and justify technical decisions is also really important. We like the type of engineer that you can pair with a product manager and have them do their thing.

As a software engineer, you will:

  • Translate business requirements into technical design and architecture
  • Develop prototypes and demos quickly
  • Function as part of an agile delivery process
  • Work on distributed systems problems ranging from scheduling, resource management, messaging, distributed caching and infrastructure automation
  • Solve sophisticated data and analytics problems at scale
  • Apply machine learning and AI systems to real-world business problems
  • Build world-class user experiences across a range of interfaces
  • Create automation systems for testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Design APIs and extensibility models for platform use cases that haven’t yet been imagined
  • Teach our clients how to build and deliver commercial software and services at scale

Technical Requirements:

  • 3-5 years of experience with Angular or similar frontend frameworks
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Experience with Data Visualization tools like: D3, Highcharts, Ploty.js, Ember Charts  
  • Experience using Commercial Dashboards (PowerBI, Tableau, Looker)
  • Experience with Test-Driven Development (TDD) / unit testing
  • Experience working on complex problems and in a complex codebase
  • Knowledge of frontend “best practices” around page performance

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