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Full Stack, Backend or Front End Engineers

Remote, Canada or US


Our technology will enable the next generation of startups like AirBnB to be built with 1/4 the engineers. It will also enable millions of people worldwide to build and launch any product they can imagine.

Our customers use our product, built in React , to provide a formal " product definition " that describes the app they want to build. This "product definition" (essentially a large object) is then run through ourNode.js" compiler " which recursively outputs a declarative " UI tree " object representing the UI the resulting app should have, including logic, data fetching rules etc. This step also generates a declarative description of the backend the customer's app should have, which is again run in Node.js and exposes a GraphQL API. The "UI tree" representing our customers app is then run on their customer's devices via the React Native "interpreter" which takes in the UI tree object and converts it into a live React Native app.

Who we are looking to hire
  • People with raw intellectual power -We are doing original, complex and ambiguous engineering. Ideal people would have a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical engineering skills.
  • People with experience building systems/products end-to-end -We're looking for people that understand all the components of a system and would be either able to build them all or be able to coordinate to have someone else build a component you're less experienced with (e.g. the front-end).
  • People with experience or interest to learn JavaScript or React / React Native -We have a lot to build in many languages and front-end frameworks, but JavaScript and React will be core to our stack for a long time.

You will be one of the first 10 people in the company, so we will all wear a bunch of hats, and have huge say over the future of the company and product from the ground up.

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