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Front End Engineer(s) - React

Remote, US Only ยท Computer/Software
You've built front-ends before - but never quite like this. If you share our passion for taking the browser further than ever toward a native-feeling experience, all while advancing maintainable code standards - come push the boundaries of your skills with us to the cutting edge.

This role will come to own some or all of the following horizontal concerns:

- The architecture of our presentation layer and core React component library. Set the standard for how we write React code in a clean, consistent, and lightweight way
- Acting as resident React arcanist - streamlining our render loop with the deep magics of reflective equalities, reconciliation hacking, and upcoming Concurrency API
- Constructing a NextJS content management pipeline for SSR'ing and delivering thousands of apps and assets to the edge
- Laying down a powerful, non-blocking, event-driven, multi-web worker state management layer to foster live collaboration over WebRTC, and more

In addition, you'll come to know some additional, ancillary responsibilities:

- Come take the initiative - at Lido you're empowered to spin up your own projects and own them from start to finish
- On an as-needed basis, enhance our TypeORM + Apollo GraphQL API
- Help us recruit and assess future candidates as we continue to build out our team

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