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CloudOps Engineer - AWS

Remote, Canada · Computer/Software
Cloud Engineer
Our client is a Crypto FinTech startup with a mission to bring safe Crypto Banking to anyone and everyone. We believe deeply that safe banking is a basic human right. It underpins strong communities, which enables strong economies which leads to a better world.

We are a small but rapidly growing team staffed by passionate people. We have a rich variety of experience covering technology, crypto, banking, payments, security and regulation. It makes us different and positions us to take on the challenges facing global banking and payments today.

We are building the next generation of banking services to bridge the gap between traditional banking and decentralized finance that will support the farmer in Canada to the field worker in Cambodia - driving the ‘banking of the unbanked’.

As a member of our team you will:
● Work with cutting edge infrastructure tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm,
and Linkerd and ensure our systems are always up and running.
● Accelerate development across the company with faster, safer, and more frequent
● Meaningfully improve developer happiness and productivity across the company with
better development tools and workflows
● Contribute directly to the bottom line with cost savings initiatives and optimizations
● Catch errors and performance issues early with automated monitoring and alerting
● Maintain and improve security across our infrastructure including firewall rules,
access control, audit logging, and disaster recovery.

Our Stack:
● Amazon Web Services (AWS)
● Kubernetes (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
● Home Brew Deployment Orchestrator (Python)
● Infrastructure as Code in Terraform and Helm
● Cockroach DB for storage
● Github for version control and CI/CD
● Python, Bash, and Docker for local development workflows and CI/CD jobs
● Tens of containerized microservices running our application code, written in Java + SpringBoot

About You:
● You have 4+ years experience in a devops or infrastructure role. Software
engineering experience overall would be a plus.
● Experience working as an SRE would be a positive, a desire to operate in that space
will be critical.
● You have experience and comfort with POSIX-based operating systems
● You must have strong experience with operating a Kubernetes cluster in production
● You have experience with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Helm and Terraform
or their substitutes
● You understand how networked services in the cloud work: VPC, IP, TCP, DNS,
HTTP, etc.
● You abhor repetitive manual processes and are excited to automate them away
● You have a sixth sense for spotting waste (in money, time, CPU cycles) and
eliminating it
● You learn quickly, regardless of the languages and technologies used
● You are a strong communicator

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