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Investor Relations Analyst

Toronto, Ontario · Banking/Loans
The role:
High level the responsibility will be to own the use of a new CRM, input data, update system, produce reports, manage investor access / experience with this system which will serve as their portal to see their accounts, statement etc., deal with the service provider, connect with our technology team, ultimately take a big part of the now manual process of creating distribution lists and get them ready to send to investors multiple times a month away from finance / admin, and leverage the technology.
Core traits are extremely high attention to detail, some technology background or prior experience in this role, strong written communication skills. The ability to understand our business and the technology tool that we will be acquiring will be important to add value and job growth to the candidate.
  1. Responsible for proper day-to-day functioning and administration of the CRM and applicable apps, workflow creation, customizations to enhance functionality, reporting, answering queries from the team, technical troubleshooting, dashboard creation and maintenance, record maintenance
  2. Overarching responsibility to ensure data integrity is being managed by the relevant data owners
  3. Ensure the successful integration of associated and connected systems (Investor IRM) to make sure all systems and platforms work seamlessly, accurately and sync on time
  4. Responsible for the development of CRM upgrade requirements, functional design, tracking the internal or external development process, testing the functionality and release management
  5. Fixing issues that arise with the CRM. Anticipating problems and challenges and implementing solutions in advance whenever possible
  6. Lead cross-function collaboration to assist with both updates of the CRM and wider business applications / processes
  7. Pro-actively addressing potential issues in data entry or flow scheduling
  8. Setting up automation
  9. Owns the firm's CRM best practice guides and responsible for proactively training users
  10. Ensures the continued protection of the firm's information, by following all applicable Information Security policies

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