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Senior Software Engineer

Fully Remote, Canada · Computer/Software
Senior Software Engineer

Our client is the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace driven to change how the world views laundry.   Their customers tap the app and outsource their laundry. For them, it’s life without laundry, because it was hacked out of existence. They solve a second problem too, which is that more and more people of varying backgrounds want to work from home. Luckily most people have an underutilized washer/dryer, which when combined with their Laundry Pro app, provides the first-ever manual labor work-from-home gig in the world.

Perfect product market fit drove a 100x surge in users & revenue and double-digit MoM growth over the past few years. In 2021 they scaled to 500+ markets throughout the United States. In March 2022 they closed a $10m seed round which included VC investments from Headline, Origin Ventures, Starting Line VC, Ludlow Ventures, and Clean Ventures, as well as notable angel investments from some of Silicon Valley’s most successful founders. Rocket growth continued in 2022 and 2023.

As aSenior Engineer, you’ll report to and work closely with  the Principal Engineer, who is responsible for creating and driving the technical strategy for the user experience. You will help champion the technology selection and best practices in  app and web development. You will help lead the way in bringing technical excellence and innovation to the codebase. You will spend the vast majority of your time building the  product. You must love to code, and want to spend most of your time doing so.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Work cross-functionally, collaborate and partner with product, design, and other engineering counterparts to execute on product and business strategy and build world-class products and features that our users will love.
  • Contribute to the full development cycle: technical design, development, test, experimentation, analysis, and launch. You’ll be reviewing code and design docs, giving feedback on product specs and mocks.
  • Reviewing pull requests for code reviews
  • Contribute to code
  • Execute on the product road map, including ensuring that customers are matched with high quality Laundry Pros, facilitating a seamless order flow for customers and Laundry Pros from web or app, enabling recurring orders, geo-based dynamic pricing, expansion to Canada, and more. 
  • Achieve and maintain world-class product velocity. 
  • Timely and consistent communication with company leadership, engendering trust and confidence in code quality and product velocity. 

  • Ideally, the right candidate has demonstrated organizational-wide impacting experience building both iOS and Android consumer facing applications at scale. 
  • Minimum of 10 years active coding experience. You are coding now and want to keep coding.
  • Strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritize tasks and keep projects on schedule.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You are self-directed, driven, innovative, and biased towards action in fast-paced environments.
  • You love to build new things. You care about innovation. 
  • Strong communication skills. You collaborate effectively with teams in a fully remote environment and can discuss complex topics with technical and non-technical colleagues and leadership.
  • Can code in a multitude of languages but is highly proficient with Typescript.
  • Well versed in front end, backend, and DevOps technologies.
  • Experience implementing and monitoring metrics for cloud services.
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Self-motivated and a desire to work in a high velocity, async environment.

Tech Stack
Our tech stack is mostly TypeScript, allowing engineers to implement end-to-end functionality. On the frontend we use Angular/Ionic and on the backend Firebase. 

This is the right time to join because:
  • You’ll be one of the first employees at a fast growing tech startup
  • You’ll be getting in early to make a key impact at a consumer marketplace startup that is experiencing rocket growth.
  • You’ll play a critical role in building the company from the ground up, including influencing our culture, core values, who we end up hiring, and how we build and roll out world-class practices and processes.
  • You’ll experience unlimited growth opportunities as the company grows, scales and matures.
  • You’ll be part of a team that is mission-driven, works hard, and is in service to our community of users.
  • Compensation consists of a base salary and equity package

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